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2 Rose Candles Pair of Rose Candles 30"
Our Price: $140.00
What size and type of candle should I get? Candles come either in a tapered, thinner thickness or a heavier, wider thickness. It is up to the couple's discretion how simple or elaborate a decoration they would like on a candle for their ceremony.

Can you customize my candles? I have a color theme I am using in my wedding and I want my candles to match. Yes - we can custom make our candles to any specification. If you are interested in having us design a candle to meet your wedding color or theme, please call us to discuss.

What are wedding candles used in the Christian Orthodox Wedding ceremony? Wedding candles are central to the wedding ceremony. They include two large, ornate candles held by the bride and groom and lit during the service.

How are the candles used during the wedding ceremony? The candles are a symbol of the light of Christ, who is with the couple throughout the sacrament of marriage and their new life together.

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