*Who pays for what for an Orthodox baptism? What is the Godparent's financial responsibility?

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Who pays for what in an Orthodox baptism?

Our most popular FAQ! There is no absolute for who pays for what, but we can offer general guidelines on what is traditionally done. Each situation is unique. In theory, the Godparent(s) assume the financial responsibilities of the baptism until the parents of the baptized child offer to pay for items. In practice, it is most common for the costs to be split between the Godparents and the parents with each picking up the cost for certain elements of the event. A baptism can carry a large cost and a discussion between the godparent to be and the parents of the child on how to ideally allocate financial responsibilty is best practice

The Godparent traditionally pays for:

  • The baptismal outfit (gown or suit).
  • The oil & towel set (lathopana) which includes the oil bottle, oil sheet, and baptismal towels.
  • A cross necklace for the child to keep for his/her lifetime.
  • Martyrika / witness pins.

The Godparent OR the parent pays for:

  • The jordan almond/boubouniera favors.
  • The ladopana / baptismal candles Ė traditionally one large one (one is adequate for either 1 or 2 Godparents) and 2 smaller candles for any children or other participants who may be up at the alter.

The parents of the child typically pay for:

  • The reception after the baptism.
  • The pre-ceremony outfit
  • Any gratuities to the priest or any charge for use of a church facility (** although this traditionally is a responsibility of the godparents, many parents of the child nowadays assume this responsibility).

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