*Can I wash the oil sheet (lathopana) before the actual baptism?

All About Orthodox Baptisms: Preparing for the Baptism

Can I wash the oil sheet (lathopana) before the actual baptism?

Yes, before the service, if you wish, you can wash the oil sheet and the towel.

It is once the Holy Oil from the baptism touches the towel and oil sheet that special care needs to be taken. Post-ceremony, the oil sheet and towel should be washed separately in a bucket and then the bucket water disposed of on the property of the Godchild's home (the Holy Oil thus being washed into the bucket water and then being transferred into the land where the child lives).

If you do not prefer to wash the clothes in a bucket, you can wash them by themselves in the washing machine - and move the drain tube to empty into a bucket and then dispose of that water on soil at the home of the Godchild.


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