*What happens during an Orthodox christening? Show me photos!

All About Orthodox Baptisms: Preparing for the Baptism

What happens during an Orthodox baptism? Show me photos!

(1) The child is presented to the church

(2) The child is immersed in the baptismal font three times, symbolizing the three days Christ spent in the tomb. This event is a reenactment of Christ's baptism, death and Resurrection.

(3) After immersion, the priest places the child in the open arms of the godparent, who holds a new white sheet as a symbol of the soul's purity.

(4) Immediately following the baptism in the font, the priest administers a second sacrament: Chrismation, where the child receives the gift of the Holy Spirit with miron, a special oil blessed by the Ecumenical Patriarch. Three locks are tonsured (cut) from the child's hair in the form of a cross.

(5) The child is taken into a dressing room in the church and put into his/her baptismal outfit by the Godparents or the grandparents.

(6) While the child is being changed, the baptismal candles are lit.

(7) The dressed child is brought back into the church and the priest, Godparents, baptized child, and chosen children walk around the baptismal font three times.

(8) The reading of scriptures takes place and the priest administers a third sacrament, communion, to the child.

Photos of the different events of a baptism:

- Presentation at the Church: Photo depicting beginning of baptism when the child is presented to the church at the entryway:

- Holy Oil & Font Immersion: Photo depicting the next step of a baptism, when the priest pours oil into the cupped hands of the Godparents, who then wipe oil on the child's body. The oiled baby is then immersed three times in the baptismal font

Godparents Receiving the Baby: Photo depicting after immersion, the baby is placed into the Godparents arms who hold the oil sheet to protect their clothing and absorb the Holy oil on the baby:

Chrismation - Myrrh: Photo depicting the sacrament of Chrismation where the priest administers the miron, a special oil blessed by the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Chrismation - Tonsuring: Photo depicting the sacrament of Chrismation, the tonsuring of the child, when three locks are cut from the child's hair in the form of the cross.

Dressing Room: Photo depicting child in dressing room getting changed into his baptismal outfit:

Children Circling Alter Table: Photo depicting chosen children holding their candles and around the baptismal table:

First Communion: Photo depicting the baptized child receiving her first Communion:



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