*Why do we use olive oil in a baptism? How much Holy oil is needed?

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Why do we use olive oil in a baptism? How much Holy oil is needed?

Olive oil Ė and not vegetable or other oil - is used to anoint the baptized individual into the Orthodox faith. The reason Orthodox Christians use olive oil is biblical and dates back to the time of Noah and the flooding of the earth. God flooded the earth and had Noah, a believer, build an arc. God was, in essence, baptizing the earth with the flood.

After forty days, Noah sent out a dove that came back with a twig from an olive branch. The olive twig was a sign of mercy from God that he had saved Noah, a believer. Just as the olive healed and soothed Noah during the baptism of the planet, Orthodox Christians use the olive oil as a sign of grace to the newly anointed.

How much is needed? A little Holy oil goes a long way! About 3-4 ounces of Holy oil is used during a baptism. Blessed Celebration's oil bottles hold enough oil for the ceremony. They are a minimum of 6 ounces and size up from there.

Blessed Celebration recommends you fill your oil bottle at home with 100% Virgin Olive Oil and bring it to the church for the baptism. If you forget, churches generally have olive oil on hand. Make sure to bring it in a sealed plastic bag in case something topples in the car.



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