*What is the Godparent's responsibility after the baptism?

All About Orthodox Baptisms

What is the Godparent's responsibility after the baptism?

  • The godparent should arrange with the parents to bring the newly baptized person (infant, child or adult) to Holy Communion for three consecutive Divine Liturgies at any Orthodox Christian church. The baptismal candle used in the ceremony should be brought to the church for the three communions. The candle should be lit when you go up for Holy Communion.
  • The godparent should nurture the newly baptized child or adult into the Orthodox Christian faith. This can be done through regular attendance at worship services, teaching your godchild about the Orthodox faith, and encouraging the child to participate in religious education and youth ministry programs.
  • The godparent should attend godparent events at the church with their godchild.
  • The godparent should remember their godchild at holidays, birthdays and on his or her name day.



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