*How does the reception work for an Orthodox christening?

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How does the reception work for an Orthodox christening?

A baptism is a major milestone in a personís life. It is common to have a reception after the baptism so that those who have just witnessed the christening can gather to properly acknowledge and celebrate the sacrament they just witnessed.

While it is not necessary to have an elaborate a formal reception, it is proper to have some sort of gathering so that guests of the event can have the time to pass on their best wishes, spend some time with the newly baptized and share in the joy of the family. The reception generally immediately follows the baptism. The celebration can be held in a number of places:

- a simple gathering of coffee and snacks on the church grounds or at a park

- a gathering at a familyís house

- a reception in the church hall

- a luncheon or dinner at a restaurant.

- a reception at a rented hall

The celebration generally entails some food and drink - and a cake in honor of the newly baptized. A toast is usually given by the new Godparents.

Do I invite the priest to the baptismal reception? Yes! It is customary to invite the priest to any reception after the service. The priest may or may not attend depending upon his schedule, but it proper and expected to extend the invitation.



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