*How do the Godparents do the three communions after the baptism?

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How do the Godparents do the three communions after the baptism?

The godparent is responsible for bringing the newly baptized to his or her first three communions.  The first communion is taken the day of the baptism.  The 2ndand 3rdcommunion would be taken the following two Sundays at Divine Liturgy.  If the Godparent(s) or Godchild is not available for the 2ndor 3rdSunday to bring the child up for communion, then the parent brings the child.  In general, the Godparent should take the child up for communion when available. This works well when the Godparent is a member of the same church as the child and it becomes the habit for the child to walk up with his or her Godparent.  If the child and Godparent are members of different churches, the Godparent can make sure to take the child on the occasions they do see each other at the same church. 

The baptismal candle is brought with the Godchild to the church each of these three communions. A few minutes before communion starts, the Godparent should light the candle using the flame from a lit candle in the narthex. The lit candle should be brought up to the alter during communion. It may be blown out at any point after communion.

Special note: the Godparent should carry the child on the right side of his or her body as he/she approaches the altar. If there are two Godparents, one should carry the baby to the altar, the other should hold the lit candle. At the time of communion, the Godparent should provide the priest with the baptismal name of the baby right before the baby accepts communion. 



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