*At what age should a person be baptized?

All About Orthodox Baptisms

At what age should a person be baptized?

The sooner the better so that they can participate in the life of the Church and take Communion. Ideally in an Orthodox baptism, a child should be baptized between 40 days and 12 months.

Unless there is an imminent health crisis, a child is not baptized before he or she receives the 40 day blessing. The Orthodox church encourages young baptisms in case, God forbid, there is a tragedy then the baby can be buried as an Orthodox Christian. As well, as the baby gets older, he or she can become too strong willed and make it more difficult to perform the baptism.

There is not age limit on when a child or adult can be baptized. The Orthodox church welcomes anyone into the church at any age. The ceremony of the dunking will be adjusted based on the age of the child or adult so that it is appropriate. Please see our FAQ on adult baptisms to learn more on how they are done.



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