*What is a good gift for my godchild?

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What is a good gift for my godchild?

A gift from a godparent to a godchild should be something that is meaningful to the nature of your special religious connection.

A religious education book is always a great gift. For children, Orthodox picture bibles make wonderful gifts. Religious bracelets, saint cards, or a framed picture of you and the child is also a wonderful keepsake.

A special and extremely appropriate lifetime gift for your godchild is an icon Ė especially one of his/her patron saint. For a list of icons made for Blessed Celebration by Orthodox nuns, please visit our icon page here.

Our top three most popular purchased gift items for a baptized child:
(1) Saint icon: Orthodox Saint Name Icons

(2) Baby blanket with cross and personalization: Baby Blanket with cross and personalization

(3) Musical Round Nursery Icon: Musical Nursery Icon from Greece

We also sell personalized bibs and burp cloths which always make for a needed item for baby and can make it extra special with personalization in any language.


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