*Can there be two Godmothers? Can there be two Godfathers?

All About Orthodox Baptisms

Can there be two Godmothers? Can there be two Godfathers?

Canonically and traditionally there can only be one Godparent. Practically, however, two Godparents usually serve in the ceremony - typically a male Godfather and a female Godmother.

The person who signs the certificate is considered the sacramental Godparent to the baptized person. If a second Godparent is participating, this person is considered the honorary Godparent. The two chosen Godparents need not be married or related. Some clergy allow 2 people to sign the baptismal certificate even though there is space for only one sponsor Godparent to do so - even though the Orthodox Hierarchs frown upon this.

In the situation of having two female Godmothers or two male Godfathers - this can be allowed but is at the discretion of the clergy performing the service.


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