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Blessed Celebration carries candles in 7 different heights and 2 different sized stem thickness.

Heights: We carry the following length candles: 15”, 16”, 18”, 22”, 24”, 30”, 36”.

For pre-decorated candles, we carry only these sizes: Tapereds: 18” and 24”, Thick stem: 22”, 30” and 36”

For plain candles, we carry all sizes.

For Easter candles, we carry 15” and 24” tapereds.

Stem Thickness: The width of the candle stems vary.

The 18” and 24” length are tapered candles. They are 7/8” in width and taper to a tip at the top at the wick. The tapereds are more delicate in presentation.

The 22”, 30” and 36” candles are 1.5” thick throughout. They are big solid candles in presentation.

Color: Blessed Celebration offers both ivory and white candles. White is the traditional color used in Orthodox ceremonies. For weddings, some choose ivory over white to match the brides dress. The ivory color is only available on the tapered 18” and 24” sizes. Ivory is not available on the thick stemmed candles. The color is a soft ivory. It’s not yellow - but rather a creamy ever so slightly golden ivory.

Stands: The candles do not come with a stand. Blessed Celebration does not stands separately. If interested in a candle stand, please check with your church if they offer stands, which is common. You can also ask your florist/ a florist for an appropriate stand.