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Special Title Ribbons

Blessed Celebration is proud to offer our customers the option to have your witness pin ribbons specialized with title ribbons. Customized title ribbons have an additional ribbon added in the center - and can have any title of your choosing (i.e., Mother, Father, Godfather, Godmother, Grandmother, Brother, etc).
Please note, witness pins with title ribbons are not additional pins added to your pin total - but rather part of your pin count total - i.e, if you order 60 ribbons and wish 4 to have title ribbons, than 56 will be regular pins and 4 will be special pins with title ribbons.)
The additional cost per special title ribbon is $1.00. If you would like to have title ribbons included with your order, the incremental amount is added as a separate charge post order placement.

Special Title Ribbon Pin


Godmother: Νονά
Godfather: Νονός
Mother: Μητέρα
Father: Πατέρας
Grandmother: Γιαγιά
Grandfather: Παππούς

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