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Can you customize my candles? I have a color theme I am using in my wedding and I want my candles to match. Yes - we can custom make our candles to any specification. If you are interested in having us design a candle to meet your wedding color or theme, please call us to discuss.

What are wedding candles are how are they used?

Wedding candles are an essential component of the Orthodox wedding. The bride and groom each hold a lighted candle during the service. The candles remind the couple of the light of Christ who is with them throughout the sacrament and their coming life together. (The candles can be tied together with a ribbon to symbolize the union of the couple - however this is an older tradition that is no longer used as much).

The wedding candles are usually tapered, white and 18" - 24" in height. They are lit by the priest during the service and handed to the couple to hold for part of the service. Some couples like larger, thicker candles - which are beautiful in presentation but can be more weighty to hold for the couple for the service. An example of a couple holding 24" tapered wedding candles:

The wedding candles symbolize the oil lamps of the 5 wise maidens in the Parable of the Ten Maidens in the Gospel of Matthew. (5 were wise maidens and 5 were foolish maidens - foolish because they were not ready to enter into the Bridal Feast with the Bridegroom, Who is Christ). The candles also symbolize the spiritual willingness of the couple to receive Christ and His light as He will bless them through this sacrament because He is the high Priest uniting them.

Do I need one set or two sets of wedding candles?

You only need one set the set for the couple to hold but many marrying couples buy two sets of wedding candles - a smaller tapered pair for the couple to hold and a larger pair for the altar to decorate it. Here is an example of the smaller pair being held and the larger pair adorning the altar:

What do I do with the wedding candles after the service?

After the wedding service, candles are usually left to burn in the church in the Narthex. Some people take them home for keepsake. They should never be thrown out in the garbage - but rather burned down. It is not appropriate to re-use the wedding candles for a baptism.

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