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For more information, please see our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

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Pin Holy Pin Holy VCut
Our Price: $1.80
Pin Holy Pin Holy
Our Price: $1.75
Pin Julia Pin Julian V Cut
Our Price: $1.80
Pin Julian Pin Julian
Our Price: $1.75
Pin Arch Pin Arch
Our Price: $1.90
Witness Pin Martyrika Christina Pin Christina
Our Price: $1.95
Pin Arianna Double Streamer w Organza Pin Arianna
Our Price: $2.05
Pin Xavier Jr Pin Xavier Jr
Our Price: $1.55
Pin Athena Pin Athena
Our Price: $1.35
Pin Orphelia Pin Orphelia
Our Price: $1.75
Pin Joy Pin Joy
Our Price: $1.50
Pin Lia Pin Lia
Our Price: $1.75
Satin Bow Pin Martyrika Pin Satin Bow
Our Price: $1.95
Pin Trinity Pin Trinity
Our Price: $1.70
Pin Bow & Centerpiece Pin Bow & Centerpiece
Our Price: $1.60
Pin Calypso Pin Isabella
Our Price: $1.30
Pin Organza Bow (various colors available) Pin Organza Bow
Our Price: $1.75
Pin Corinth Pin Corinth
Our Price: $1.40
Filakto Beaded Filakto
Our Price: $5.00
Filakto Filakto
Our Price: $3.95
Pin and Cross Lapel Pin and Cross
Our Price: $1.70
Sale Price: $1.25
You save $0.45!
Athos Lapel Pin Athos Lapel Pin
Our Price: $1.55
Witness Pin FAQ

I need my order quickly can you produce my order? Pin orders are typically fulfilled within 7 business days, depending upon our current queue of orders. We do offer a rush option - we can expedite your order for 15% surcharge ($20 minimum) and upgrade your order to top of the queue. Rush orders ship in 24-48 hours. If you are interested, call or email us.

Why buy martyrika from Blessed Celebration?
We take great care with each ribbon. Our ribbon edges are specially treated to avoid ribbon fraying. We use a high quality satin ribbon that does not cause any smudging of the printing.

Can I buy any amount of pins - or does it need to be in a certain increment?
We sell our martyrika in any quantity - you do not need to buy in increments of 10 or a dozen. Buy only the amount you need! Our personalization requires a minimum of 20. If you would like personalized witness pins below the 20 count, we will email you regarding the $5 printer set up fee.

I need guidance with personalization...can you tell me more?
Yes! Please see our page on ribbon personalization:

What are martyrika?
Martyrika are small religious lapel ribbons given out at the end of a ceremony - usually baptisms and weddings – but also at engagements, anniversaries, memorials and special events. For baptisms, they are worn by the guests as proof of witnessing the baptism - and for wedding and special events, they are worn in special honor and celebration of the occasion. The traditional pin is made of white, ivory, pink or blue ribbon and features a religious center...usually a tiny cross.

How do you pronounce the word "martyrika"?
Martyrika is pronounced as "Mar-Tear-Ree-Ka". Martyrika are also known as martirika, martiriko (singular), christening pins, witness pins, or baptism pins.

Who gives out the pins?
The Godmother or Godfather traditionally pin the ribbons on the jackets, shirts or dresses of the guests after the ceremony, either in the church narthex or at the reception. Personalization of the martyrika is optional. Some have ribbons without any personalization and some have the traditional imprinting of the baby's name, date of baptism followed by the godparents' name. Blessed Celebration offers personalization of ribbon.

Who wears the pins?
All attendees of the baptismal ceremony are offered a pin post ceremony as proof of their witness to the
event. The only exception may be for children who are too young to handle the ribbons as there are pins on the back.

What is printed on the pins?
For a baptism, the left side of the ribbon traditionally has the baby’s name and baptismal date. The right side of the ribbon traditionally has the Godparent title and the Godparent’s name. For a wedding, the ribbons have the couple’s name and date.

What is a Special Title ribbon?
Many have their witness pins augmented with a special title ribbon. This is a third ribbon added down the middle of the pin with a person of honor’s title. A special title ribbon can be added for anyone you want to recognize at the event. Common Special Title ribbons include the following: Godmother, Godfather, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle.

Do the witness pins come ready to pin?
We provide a “hat pin” in each witness pin. The hat pin is used to pin the witness pin to the lapel or clothing of a guest. The pins arrive to you ready to go.

Blessed Celebration:
Phone: 201-444-0200 (Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM, Sat hours vary)