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What Font Options Are Available?

The standard font we use for our ribbon personalization is Bookman Old Style. If you prefer a different font, we can accommodate most requests for specific fonts. Please be mindful that some fonts are larger in size and thus, less rows of text would fit on a given ribbon width. The font used on our embroidered products (towels, oil sheets, burp cloths) can also be customized for specific requested font styles.

Our default font is "Bookman Old Style". We use the script form of the Bookman Old Style. If you put your text in all capital letters, then we use the non-script form of Bookman Old Style. For those who prefer a slightly more cursive look, we recommend Lucida Calligraphy. For those who prefer a very cursive look, we recommend Vivaldi. Note, the more cursive the letters, the more room the copy uses.