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Product Questions
Do you offer the explanation cards for koufeta?
  We do not offer printed explanation cards with our jordan almonds.  However, we do offer to our customers the standard text that they can use to print out their own explanation cards.  The copy is: 
"The white of the sugar coated almonds symbolizes purity; the egg shape represents fertility and the new life that begins with marriage. The hardness of the almond represents the endurance of marriage; the sweetness of the sugar symbolizes the sweetness of future life. The odd number of almonds is indivisible, just as the Bride and the Groom shall remain undivided."
Do you personalize witness pins and favors? Do you have an order minimum?
  Yes! Blessed Celebration offers printing services on witness pins and favors.  The product pages describes the personalization options available for each particular product.   You can read more about personalization on the left hand navigation link entitled "Ribbon personalization".

There is a 20 count order minimum on personalized pins and a 20 count order minimum on personalized favors.
Do you sell just personalized printed ribbon so I can make my own martyrika?
  Yes, Blessed Celebration sells just the personalized ribbon.  You can find and order this product under the martyrika product line.
How do you ship boubouniera so they do not arrive wrinkled or crushed?
  We package and ship our boubouniera very carefully.  The favors are placed in a white apparel box that is cushioned with bubble wrap and tissue paper.  They are laid down on a 45 degree angle so that they do not push against one another and their height is angled down and not crushed by the top of the box.  The apparel box is then wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a shipping box.    

We take great pride in the presentation of our favors and have never received a customer complaint that favors have arrived damage.
I have something specific I would like made. Do you make custom orders?
  Yes, Blessed Celebration does offer custom made products.  We can craft anything to your liking.  To inquire about this, please call or email us with the details of your desired product.  We will then provide you a quote for the custom work and item.